Screen_Shot_2016-08-10_at_8.09.45_PMA week has gone by since Hurricane Earl made its way into Belize creating devastating and lamentable effects in areas of Belize City, Ladyville, San Pedro and Caye Caulker. While residents in other areas across the country suffered immensely as a result of Earl, here in Orange Walk we were quite fortunate to have been spared from the unexpected and underestimated hurricane as majority of the damages included fallen trees as well as debris that were lying around town during the aftermath.

Yesterday during an interview with the media, Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, told us about the clean-up campaign that is currently being carried out by the Council in partnership with BSI/ASR in order to restore the town back to its normalcy.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“Hurricane Earl while it may not have had a direct and strong impact here in the town it did create havoc across this country and in terms of our area did also caused a lot of debris and broken branches and fallen trees across this town in fact, the town council is carrying out an intensive clean out work since then and we have been doing so ever since the following morning, our workers have been out, some of them working double shifts and again I must say that I really, really am pleased with the response we got from our employees who came out and they were on alert during that time and I must single out again our operations manager who through the night even though while we were listening to whole reporting of the storm during the night we were in communication to make sure that as soon as we get the all clear our people are out and let us clean up, let us insure to get our town back, we did not suffer the type of damages that Belize City suffered in terms of many fallen power lines and so forth but  I mean a lot of trees fell across the town and there was a lot of clean up that we had to do and we are still doing so as well I want to thank the people at BSI/ASR especially Mr. Belizario Carballo Jr. and Mr. Shawn Chavarria who contacted me on Friday morning saying that they would want to extend their support to the council in the clean-up effort that we were carrying out and so they assisted the council with the equipment and their trucks and their trailer so that we could have done much more, I know we have done most of the work right now in the lower Louisiana area but we are still in that area clearing up the debris and so forth but there are other areas that we are working on.”

A final assessment is also being conducted at this point in time so as to allow the Council to be better prepared for future disasters.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“We are doing as well our final assessment of what all of these things that happened and so that we could carry out an intensive clean-up campaign throughout the town and I want to extend my invitation to everybody who would want to be part of this and to the residence I say if you have trees that fell to assist the council, work along with us so that we could dispose of these things in a timely manner and let us not just be cutting down trees and throwing them in the street sides or in the drains because it creates problems for other and we have seen over this hurricane that just passed while we got a lot of water there is a lot of garbage that goes into our drains because people are not disposing properly or their garbage and it creates problems, look at what has happened in terms of Bethias Lane, a lot of garbage has come along through other areas end up clogging that drain and causing flooding and we are looking at the low lying areas, the river is rising and water is coming down from other areas and so we have to also be prepared, so I want to especially stress to residence especially during these times take all the necessary precautions, listen to advisories we don’t know if there is going to be another storm coming until the end of November we have to cross our fingers as we would say and hope that there is no other Earl. As the Mayor of this town I want to say that we are here with our brothers and where we can go out and assist we will but for now we need to work on clearing up our town and the debris that we need to clear and ask our residence to let us work together to ensure to get these things up and running and so that we can also be cognizant of the fact that if another hurricane should hit us we would have these types of problems or any major problem.”

The general public is kindly asked once more to assist in the cleaning up of garbage that can be found near their surroundings.

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