A new chairman for the Elections and Boundaries Commission has been appointed to undertake a list of responsibilities as it relates to the topic of elections and he is no other than the current chairman of the Social Security Board, Douglas Singh.

During a Senate meeting that was held earlier this morning, a few Senators took the opportunity to voice out their opinions about specific issues of concern that need to be immediately addressed by the newly elected chairman as part of his mandate.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-15_at_7.47.48_PMSenator Mark Lizarraga

“Small divisions yield on proportionate political will on this country, representatives in certain divisions need only court three thousand electors, in other division the sizes are perhaps nine thousand maybe even ten thousand, so that is what we call disproportionate representation and this has been a major concern for us over the years, Mr. President, so we look forward to perhaps and it is ashamed that we didn’t see perhaps a list of the items that this new gentleman will be tasked to perform but we look forward to it perhaps the time is not now but we look forward to it in the future so that we can participate in that process so that we can see what his mandate is and in what time frame he seeks to achieve his mandate.”

In the absence of Senator Eamon Courtenay during the meeting today, Michel Chebat filled in for the lead opposition where he emphasized strongly on the importance of re-registration and how it must occur before any re-districting takes place.

Michel Chebat

“It has come to my attention that in fact Mr. Singh has already held one or more meetings in the capacity of the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, be that as it may Mr. President, for us and for the country of Belize Mr. President, it is important that there be no re-districting until we have done a re-registration in this country, it has been 20 years since there was a re-registration Mr. President, anyone in this country who is involved in the election process can tell you that there are hundreds of names that appear on each of the constituency list of voters who you cannot find and miraculously they appear on election day to vote, it is time for re-registration Mr. President, for Mr. Singh and the Commission to fulfill the requirements of section 91 of the constitution there must be registration before re-districting and we call upon him to embark on that process fourthly.”

Singh replaces Alberto August as Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission and is expected to fill that position for a total of five years.

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