Tonight the Orange Walk community remains in shock and disbelief as a family prepares to bury their eleven year old loved one who was found dead in his room with a belt wrapped around his neck sometime around 6:45 yesterday evening. The minor’s body was discovered by his uncle who reportedly tried to save his life, but all efforts proved futile.

Since news broke last night about the death of the 11 year old several reports have surfaced as to what actually transpired and one indication is that the child and his four year old brother were allegedly home alone when the incident occurred. Today when we spoke to Inspector of Police, Jose Mendez, he told us what the investigations have revealed so far.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-17_at_8.14.08_PMJose Mendez – Inspector of Police, Orange Walk Town

“Acting upon information received the Orange Walk police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw the lifeless body of an eleven year old in the emergency room section and it would have already been pronounced dead upon arrival by Doctor Ozorio, this minor had some type of injury around his neck.  While at the hospital police commenced an investigation into the matter where it was reported that upon arrival at his house sometime around 6:45pm or so he was informed that his nephew had already committed suicide, police visited the area where they found a belt which is alleged that the deceased hang himself.”

While authorities continue to investigate the details surrounding the child’s death, there are charges that can possibly be levied in this case in sight that reports have surfaced that the children were home unsupervised at the time of the occurrence. 

Jose Mendez – Inspector of Police, Orange Walk Town

“At this point police are still investigating the circumstances upon completion of the investigation we reveal what exactly transpired that evening.”


“Sir, if it is that the child was indeed left home alone are there any charges that can be levied against the mother?”


Jose Mendez – Inspector of Police, Orange Walk Town

“Most likely the file must have to go to the DPP office and then they will advise us on what would be the next step in this case.”

Understandably the family refused to comment today on the issue. Late this evening police sent the results of the post mortem examination to us which reveals that the child died as a result of asphyxiation by hanging suicide type. Funeral arrangements are ongoing at this time.

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