In the same room with Orosco this afternoon, were members of the National Evangelical Association of Belize who were also present at today’s press conference and without a doubt the news that GOB will not appeal Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling did not sit too well with them. Even before the Prime Minister’s announcement today NEAB wrote to the PM requesting that the ruling be appealed. For NEAB the points used by the Chief Justice to carry out the controversial decision, violate fundamental beliefs and convictions of the religious community in Belize. Today we spoke with President of NEAB, Pastor Lance Lewis who expressed disappointment in the decision taken by GOB on the ruling.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-17_at_8.14.34_PMPastor Lance Lewis – President NEAB

“I was expecting in one sense that they would have supported the church but now he says that the government will not voice their own, they would not appeal but it is saying that the church can appeal, the problem that I have is that, the lawyers don’t feel that it will happen but he is saying that we can do that so we don’t have to get back to the lawyers to see who is saying what is right, the Prime Minister is saying today that we can appeal, the lawyers are saying that we cannot appeal only the government could appeal so we just have to go back to the lawyers to find out but if it can be done it will be done, so we will have to get together with  more than one church body and see what will be our next step forward, we have to go back to our lawyers and find out if what the Prime Minister is saying is true or is it not so, we would want to make an appeal and that is why we wrote the Prime Minister.”

Norma Ruiz – Reporter CTV3

“In the letter you send to the Prime Minister in the Press Conference you are asking to appeal on your behalf, are you disappointed of his response?”

Pastor Lance Lewis – President NEAB

“I am disappointed, yes!”

Norma Ruiz – Reporter CTV3

“Will the churches appeal this decision?”

Pastor Lance Lewis – President NEAB

“We will sit down and work together that is why we asked the Prime Minister so it would look funny if we don’t appeal because we do not like the ruling.”

According to Pastor Lewis, NEAB will consult with their legal advisors and decide on the next step thereafter but all indications are that the Evangelical Association will file an official appeal to the Supreme Court.

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