PUPImmediately following the decision by the Supreme Court to amend section 53 of the criminal code of Belize, legalizing gay sex between consenting adults, leader of the opposition, Hon. John Briceño took to Facebook to provide his input on the ruling, proclaiming his respect for the ruling.

Today an official statement was issued by the party concerning the amendment of Section 53 of the laws of Belize and in their release the PUP declares their support for Belize’s principles which respects the value of social justice and the fundamental faith and freedom of human rights, stating quote “While we may believe that we the people should ultimately determine how we as a society should choose to live and be governed, we in the People’s United Party respect the decision of the Supreme Court as the rule of law. At the same time, we also respect the right of those who wish to challenge the decision of the Chief Justice in a higher court. We firmly believe that governance ought not to be about our personal impulses or private domain, but should always be about honoring the will of the people. We remain steadfast in our belief in social justice and therefore maintain our position that there can be no room for hatred among Belizeans.”

Likewise the opposition also declared their support for the Churches and other interested parties whose religious beliefs may compel them to reject certain lifestyles and to defend the nature of marriage to be between a man and a woman. The People’s United Party also acknowledged the indispensable role the Church plays in instilling values and shaping the moral conscience of our Nation and pledge their support for the partnership we have in education and the overall building of this nation.

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