During their press conference earlier today, the Belize Progressive party also spoke about the conduct of government officials in the recent matter of William Mason, and the Party is not happy with their behavior. Here is what Party Leader Patrick Rogers had to say about the appointment of Senator Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police.

patrickrPatrick Rogers – Party Leader BPP

“Look at Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, they want to stop it right at Mason kill the man when we are BPP are convinced that somebody is more culpable than whoever beheaded that man, do you think that unelected Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police can send his policemen after elected men to investigate elected member of that Cabinet, it won’t happen so we then don’t feel comfortable with Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police because he didn’t do anything for ministry of lands and I am sure as hell that he didn’t do anything at the Immigration department where we still see our documents are free for all on the world market.”

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