Today marks exactly two weeks since Hurricane Earl made land fall in Belize as a category one storm bringing with it destructive winds and flooding rains, causing financial outlays to the Jewel estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In the wake of the disaster, relief efforts have been mobilized and include generous donations from various organizations including the EU and IDB,  racking up roughly one point two million dollars in grants and related funding from international partners, which according to PM Barrow is just about the peak of what GOB will be receiving.

deanRt. Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“We’ve gotten something from CDB or if we’ve not gotten it yet it’s certainly on the way.  The CEDEMA man is coming in tomorrow and I think he’s bringing two hundred thousand Euros or about a hundred thousand U.S., something like that.  Taiwan is two hundred thousand Belize and the IDB has agreed to their grant of I think two hundred thousand U.S.  The ECLAC damage assessment experts have been contracted; I think they are coming in next week.  That of course is for purposes of the loans that we will be trying to access via both CDB and the IDB.  In terms of grant monies, I think we’ve just about tapped out or we’ve just about reached the limit of what we’re going to get.  So again, it’s CEDEMA, CDB, IDB and Taiwan.  Altogether you’d be looking at what?  One point two or something like that, million dollars which is not a whole lot. Well I wouldn’t want to say it’s a joke but it is a paltry amount but, you know, the winnow’s might.  We have to accept what we get.”

According to the PM experts should be arriving in the country next week to conduct assessments of the overall damages caused by Earl, after which GOB will move forward with the acquisition of necessary loans to assist in the country’s recovery following Hurricane Earl.

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