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We all know that famous phrase “Education is the key to success” and today UNICOMER, upheld that phrase by assisting 75 students from across the country to be one step closer at achieving higher education. Here in the North Seven deserving youths from Orange Walk and Seven from Corozal received monetary grants from Tropigas as part of their annual grant and scholarship program geared at providing better opportunities for students in need.


Screen_Shot_2016-08-22_at_6.41.57_PMZenaida Melendez- Tropigas- OW –trop 1

“Every year Tropigas selects a good amount of students that are in need of a scholarship or a grant, this year we are so privilege to be able to help 75 students and these students are from Standard III to Standard VI but we made a slight exception with some high school this year but they needed to apply through an application form and also be able to submit an essay stating why we should help them and these students were selected after a thorough analysis of all letter. It is very important for us that we have our students be able to have these opportunities to make them better and what a way to give back to the community by not giving our future sales Tropigas Managers, Tropigas sales person the opportunity to do that and this is one of the ways that Tropigas realized that we not only are able to give back to our community but we also build a family relation with our customers and we see the joy especially in the children whenever they realize wow I was selected  as one of the students representing Tropigas not only at their school but being able to remember us in terms that because of Tropigas today I will be able to wear the not beautiful bag and also enhance my education at a higher level.”

According to Sales Manager at Tropigas Orange Walk, Zenaida Melendez, they received many applications and students were selected based on need and potential. The students received their check this morning in a short ceremony held at

the Tropigas office here in Orange Walk and shared with us their excitement at having been selected.



“It makes me feel very excited and I thank Tropigas for it.”


“How did you decide to apply for this grant?”


“I decide to apply for this grant because of my grandfather and he always helps us and my mom who is a single mother and we really wanted this help so I thank God for it.”


“How will this grant help you to go back to school?”


“It will help mostly with the payment that we make for the term and for my school supplies.”


“I feel good and with God’s help I got this grant and I thank to the Tropigas family that gave me this grant and it helped me so much with my school books and pencils and those things.”

As for the assistance program being carried out by Tropigas, Melendez says the expectation for next year is to have even more grants available.

Zenaida Melendez- Tropigas- OW

“Next year, we are quite sure because we had a good response from our community, our company will definitely be continuing this program, it is a very successful program, and I am sure that next year we will not only see these students reapplying again but we will be having new ones and who know maybe next year might not only be a grant only but these students might be granted a full scholarship so it is all in terms of caring and giving thanks to the community and I am quite sure that this will be repeated again next year.”

Recipients of the grants included both high school and primary school students.

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