Screen_Shot_2016-08-22_at_6.41.51_PMIt has been more than one month since the gruesome discovery of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas’s decapitated head inside the notoriously known alleged con-man, Danny Mason’s pickup pan in the capital city of Belmopan. Since then, we have heard from the Opposition, the Evangelical Churches and the third parties. They have all demanded that an international investigative team probes the murder. The Government has refused, however, and Prime Minister Dean Barrow has claimed that the Belize Police Department is most fit to carry out the work. Today, the demand got major support when a key social partner group woke up from deep slumber and added their voice to the call for an international investigation.

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize, the umbrella organization for all unions, issued a press release calling on the Government to [quote] “ensure that justice is not only seen to be done, but is done”.

Like the evangelical church leaders, for the NTUCB, the murder of Pastor Lucas hits close to home. In their release, the Congress leaders indicated that “Pastor Lue”, as he was famously known, was a vibrant member of the Union leadership as a past representative of the Southern Workers’ Union.

The NTUCB also states in its release that while it has not been as active over the past months, it doesn’t mean that the organization is dead. Their silence, they also pointed out, is not a sign that they are content with the way national issues are being managed. Pastor Lucas’s murder is the first issue they wish to address. We note that the NTUCB made no comment on the political drama and embarrassment that ensued the revelation of close connections between Mason and members of Cabinet. Perhaps, it is due to the NTUCB’s admitted “slowness” in dealing with issues, and just maybe we will soon also see a release on that very important issue.

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