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    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:18
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Screen_Shot_2016-08-23_at_6.58.13_PMEarlier today some 800 hundred religious leaders and members of the National Evangelical Association of Belize convened a protest at the foot of the National Assembly Building in Belmopan, demonstrating against the recent decision taken by the Supreme Court to strike down Section 53 of Belize's criminal code and the Government of Belize’s decision not to appeal.

Concern Citizens - Demonstrators

“I came out here to support the church and stand by what the bible says and no turning back.”


“So you are one of those persons who would like to see the ruling of the Chief Justice appealed?”

Concern Citizens - Demonstrators

“Yeah for sure, 100%”

Concern Citizens - Demonstrators

“I just think mostly about the youths, the young people, and this is something that we didn’t see grow up not seeing like for instance a man and a man  or a woman and a woman on the street and it is like what people always say it is your lifestyle you live it but whether now you want to bring it to the public I think that is not something that I like my son to be walking and see that on the street and that is my point of view on it.”

Concern Citizens - Demonstrators

“These people were practicing homosexuals in their bedroom long time ago, that is what I am saying and if they are practicing that in their bedroom long time ago without the law being changed why they just continue and don’t touch my law and that is my question, our law? Our law, this is our law that governs Belize.”  


Among those present earlier today were the People’s United Party’s Southern Caucus representatives, Honorable Rodwell Fergusson, Honorable Mike Espat, who expressed their position on this controversial matter.

Honorable Rodwell Fergusson – PUP Southern Caucus Representatives

“The reason why I am here because there is a dynamics between the Urban community and Rural community, in the Rural community the biggest social event is going to church and so the people goes to church, they believe in the bible and they believe in what the Bible teaches so I have no hate and I love everybody, people make their own decision on what to do but at the end of the day there must be respect there is male and female and there is a purpose for a male and female, just today there was a long marking ruling in the state of Austin Texas where the government wanted the school to put a silent mark transgender and the judged ruled that no , and the judge said that he remembered that when the child born that is was a male or a female and you know what the government told the school that because they don’t want to accept the they will stop the funding to the school so these are the pressure brought up to the school and governments and constituencies to say you have to accept our decisions so I am totally against it, I respect those who want to live another lifestyle, I have no problem with them but keep it in private.”   


Honorable Mike Espat - PUP Southern Caucus Representatives

“I come from a Christian community where we believe that sex is relationship to take place between a man and a woman and I don’t disagree with those who want to do whatever they want to do but at the same time it should not be force on the population of this country that the government should respect the wishes of the people of this country and they should repeal this decision of the Chief Justice.  They are afraid because they know that the majority of Belizeans are not with it.  They must respect the will of the people, most of the people that are here are from the Toledo district and the Stann Creek District I think a lot of them come out because they believe just as we do and as politicians again we really have no choice and we have to support the people who supported us.”    


Today’s demonstration also saw the participation of the Spanish Lookout Mennonite community, who seldom participate in national issues such as this one. One of their representatives, Ronny Plett, told the media why they found it important to come out and support this matter.

Ronny Plett – Representative Mennonite Community

“I am here representing a lot of the voices from Spanish Lookout especially the churches who don’t feel that this supposed to be the final word and the final decision on this current case.”


“How many members of the Mennonite community has come out this morning in your estimation?”

Ronny Plett – Representative Mennonite Community

“I personally brought six of them and there is a few dozen here and there are many more who would love to come but obviously it is during the week so being a work oriented community a lot of them couldn’t make it out obviously.”



“We would say that this is significant, I don’t recall that we have seen members of your community past come out for national issues, why would you say it thought it important to be here?”

Ronny Plett – Representative Mennonite Community

“This is a very, very important issue, I personally have been directly affected by the LGBT movement, I had a family member who was involved with that and ended up dying with AIDS and so I have seen the damage it can have in persons lie, we use all the love and care to my uncle until the day he died but I can just see how deeply this impacts every aspect of live in every Belizeans and so I believe it is our duty if given the chance to have an impact on this nation and on the ruling and on improving the state we are in we need to take that stand.”      


Organizer of the movement against the Supreme Court ruling, Louis Wade, stated that today’s demonstration is only the start:

Louis Wade – Activist/Demonstrator

“We only lobbied two districts we haven’t lobbied all six districts as yet it is a slowly increasing stand that the church is taking, this is the start.”

Another demonstration is scheduled to take place on Friday when the House meets at the National Assembly. That demonstration is being organized by the “I want my country back” movement. 

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