As previously mentioned, members of the PUP Southern caucus were present in this morning’s protest in Belmopan, which was carried out by members of the Evangelical community in demonstration of the Section 53 ruling which overturned Belize’s sodomy law. But this stance is in contrary to previous statements made by the Opposition Leader, Honorable John Briceño in which he accepted the Court’s decision. In an official release, the party leader had gone as far as to say that it supports the Church’s decision to appeal but he did not call on the Government to appeal the order of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Ministers who were present during the protest today were questioned about the official stand of the party.

MikeHonorable Mike Espat – Southern Caucus Representative

“The Party Leader has its own opinion just like everybody else and they are free to share their opinion and that is the way they feel we are just telling you that the Southern caucus is present her today is not supporting this we all members of the People’s United Party and I believe that we can put our heads together and think this out properly.”



“Now, in terms of the party actually in future putting out a position is that what is expected to happen in future?”


Honorable Mike Espat – Southern Caucus Representative

“I expect that that will happen, possibly today.”


“How would they have held all the representatives arrive at a unified decision or is it expected that it would be like a split vote or something to that effect?”

Honorable Mike Espat – Southern Caucus Representative

“I don’t think they’ll split a vote, at a meeting that we had yesterday most of the representatives expressed their view and it is the same scenario, they have to respect the majority of the people that sitting around that table otherwise we are just wasting our time.”


“Mr. Requena what was that majority yesterday?”

Honorable Oscar Requena – Southern Caucus Represnetative

“What I can say is that we met as a Parliamentary Caucus and of course that comprises, this is not the National Executive of the Party but rather the Parliamentary Caucus, Senators and Parliamentarians and the matter came up and I can tell you that pretty much you know the Party Leader did allow for the members to share their views on how they view this matter and I think that at the end of the day the Party Leader was very respectful of the views of the different members who expressed their views and I must say that it was made absolutely clear that the party has indicated that they would like to see that the government appeal this matter.”  


Although Espat spoke of a possible majority position being officially disclosed today, we have yet to receive that. 

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