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  • Austin Sutherland Remanded For Burglary And Harm

    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:39
  • Tattooed Burglars Caught In Corozal Town

    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:43
  • Auditor's General Report Cites Irregularities In Government Finances For Year 2014/2015

    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:46
  • Chairman of PAC Speaks On Auditor General's Report

    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:50

About one thousand protestors from across the country descended on Independence Hill in Belmopan yesterday to voice their discontent with section fifty three of the criminal code which Government has decided not to appeal. Apart from Evangelical leaders and followers, also taking part in yesterday’s demonstration were members of the Belize Progressive Party. As viewers may recall the BPP announced last week of the party’s plans of raising funds to hold a people’s referendum on several issues. Treasurer of the party, Robert “Bobby” Lopez shared an update on the progress made.

RobertRobert “Bobby” Lopez – Belize Progressive Party Treasurer

“As the treasurer I have already began the process of meeting with our financial backers and reaching out to even new ones, we’ve been getting calls already from outside Belizeans living in the US wanting to support, I am very pleased to announce that tomorrow officially Atlantic Bank has approved and will open an account for us, we feel it is very timely that after almost nine months we trying to get an account, we have a bank that has respected for us to have an account so this is a huge step forward because now we will be able to handle funds and we are committed to transparency reporting those funds and giving of an account of how we spend our money.”

The BPP also intends to hire an independent audit firm to ensure financial transparency in the process and Lopez says they already have pledges for a few thousand dollars

Robert “Bobby” Lopez – Belize Progrsssive Party Treasurer 

“We want the referendum to be binding and so the people vote yes and we have a majority that says yes the referendum needs to be binding otherwise it is a case exercising futility so that is one of the things we are going to put on, we are looking possibly it is going to be around ten propositions that we intend to tag on to the ICJ referendum and that is the whole purpose of this is to lets engage the people into different issues, namely ministerial discretion we think it needs to be repealed get rid of it and it cause too much problems they need to go to jail instead, they hide behind ministerial discretion, so certainly by Friday we will be sending out to the country and to the media the first draft that is being worked on right now and I think we are up to seven or eight propositions so far and more are coming in, I will share one with you that came in yesterday; the repealing of gill nets, making gill nets illegal, banning of gill nets, yes or no let the people decide, fishermen might not wanted but the people might want it.”

The BPP intends to get feedback from the public on the questions they want to put on the referendum list.

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