The Special Audit names almost every member of the current UDP Cabinet and others who have retired from electoral politics as alleged participants in various schemes. Even Prime Minister Dean Barrow is cited in the audit report for allegedly facilitating the issuance of Belizean nationality for his wife’s brother.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-29_at_8.40.38_PMHonorable John Briceno - Opposition Leader People’s United Party

“The auditor general’s report provides proof on the hypocrisy of Prime Minister Barrow who promised to chop off head of corruption with a special machete, he did not do it to Penner, he did not chopped off Castros’ head, they are still Cabinet colleagues, now that his personal involvement had been exposed, the Prime Minister has completely lost the moral authority to discipline any of his ministers, now if he opens his mouth on corruption or immigration illegality they will simply say to him, no watch me, watch yourself, this is why we here in the PUP say that the recommendations of the Auditor General must be followed including but not limited to the cancellation forthwith of all nationality certificates, passports and VISAS fraudulently issued, including to the one issued to the Prime Minister’s brother-in-law.”

Honorable John Briceno - Opposition Leader People’s United Party

“He and his wife recommended their brother-in-law for a Belizean nationality whilst he has been married to a Belizean for more than twenty years you need to be resident in Belize for a full year to be able to qualify and the reports investigations have shown that his brother-in-law has never resided in Belize for a full year so he did not qualify and the Prime Minister recommended his brother-in-law for that nationality and based on that recommendation his brother-in-law did get his Belizean nationality.”

At the House Meeting held last week Friday, the Special Audit was on the House papers as an items for discussion. But the events of the day changed the entire course of the House proceedings and the House Speaker suspended the meeting.

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