Mex_border_protests_2Media reports from neighboring Chetumal, Quintana Roo, are that yesterday a group of irate citizens attempted an act of civil disobedience when they attacked a vehicle assigned to the Tax Administrative Service, one of Mexico’s government revenue agencies whose office is located near the old Subteniente Lopez bridge near the Belize-Mexico border point.

Reports are that the attack was triggered when one of the agency oficials attempted to stop a taxi motorcycle for inspection for contraband, but ended up colliding into it. Other taxi motorcycle drivers saw the incident and became furious. Reports are that one of them threw gasoline at the vehicle and was about to light it on fire, but the vehicle was whisked away to safety.

The group of irate Mexicans then picked up stones and stoned the agency’s office. The Police had to intervene to restore calm.

The taxi motorcycle drivers, also called “fayuqueros”, say they come under constant harrassment by officials who at times even extort them before granting permission to pass goods from the Commercial Free Zone in Belize.

Reports are that the bridge, which is still a border crossing point for some, had to be closed for some hours due to the day’s disturbances.

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