noimageThe Independent investigation carried out in to the death of thirteen year old Guatemalan National Julio Rene Alvarado revealed that Belize’s armed forces did not cause the death of the minor during a crossfire between the BDF and Guatemalan civilians back in the month of April at the Chiquibul Forest.

The end results of the investigation is not being accepted by the Guatemalan Government which is causing tension to rise once more between both countries.

And as this happens Canada is currently assisting Belize in order to determine its defense policy. Back in the month of February, high ranking military officers from Belize travelled to Ottawa with the sole purpose of attending meetings and to receive advice from the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces with regards to defense tactics. 

According to the spokeswoman for the Department of National Defense, Ashley Lemire, the trip made by the officials to Ottawa also helped them to seek additional knowledge in terms of investment planning and full life-cycle costing for equipment acquisitions among others.

Feliz Enrique of the Belize Defence Ministry has stated that his ministry is going to look at the tasks the government wants them to achieve, how they are going to achieve it, and then resources will be out together in order to achieve those tasks.

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