Screen_Shot_2016-09-01_at_8.08.32_PMLast night we told you about the proposal made by the opposition to vote in favour of launching a Senate investigation into the irregularities and wrongdoings as it relates to the Auditor General’s Special Audit report. We also told you about Church Senator, Pastor Ashley Rocke’s shocking and unpredicted decision to vote against the motion after it had seemed as if though he was in favour of the opposition during the time of the debate.

His decision has without a doubt enraged and infuriated pastors from the different churches countrywide. Shortly after the Senate meeting concluded yesterday evening, Pastor Louis Wade expressed his discontentment with the matter in a release which stated that instead of voting for truth, transparency and accountability, Rocke made the choice of siding with the government where the level of corruption is clearly visible.

Wade stated that, quote “We are ashamed but we have been saying for some time that the current administration has penetrated the leadership structure of various Church institutions. Today that has been revealed to the nation in a most disgusting way.” End of quote. Wade further stated that he along with the churches strongly condemn Rocke’s decision due to the fact that it was previously agreed that he was to support the motion, not to vote against it.

Also giving his input on the matter earlier today was the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Belize, H.E. Bishop Dorick Wright who spoke on behalf of the Catholic Church announcing that the church in a whole detaches itself from such decision as they have lost faith and confidence in Senator Rocke with regards to the representation of the Church’s morals and standards. As a result, the Bishop is calling on all members of the Evangelical Association of Churches to request for Senator Rocke’s immediate resignation.

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