A month has passed since Hurricane Earl made landfall in Belize affecting many families and businesses across the country including the agricultural sector which took an enormous hit, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Here in the Orange Walk District, over seventeen families from the village of Santa Martha have been greatly affected by Earl specifically farmers who specialize in the production of plantain as approximately one hundred thousand dollars was recorded in the total amount of losses.

In order to seek assistance from the government, a letter was sent to the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO); however, tonight we can tell you that the farmers have not yet received any response from the government. This morning we spoke to former PUP standard bearer of the Orange Walk East, Josue Carballo, who told us that this issue in particular will not be left aside.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-06_at_7.56.06_PMJosue Carballo – PUP Orange Walk East Standard Bearer

“I just spoke to one of the village council members they told me so far that they have not any feedback as yet in this case NEMO or the Ministry of Agriculture, a meeting is schedule this week and again these questions will be asked because we know for a fact that assistance was received during a hurricane relief program but yet the most needed ones have not gotten that assistance as yet and this is something that definitely not going to be left aside so it being followed up because if you remember it was almost a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of crops that were destroyed and these humble and very hard working farmers who deserve thispush from the government.”

As mentioned by Carballo, a meeting will be held sometime this week by the Santa Martha Village Council to discuss the matter.

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