As a part of the annual ‘Back to school drive’ organized by the Friends of the East group here in Orange Walk Town, one hundred school bags were gathered with assistance from the community and were then distributed to students within the area who are in most need of financial assistance. Today, a portion of the remaining school bags were handed over to the administration and staff of the Solomon Seven Day Adventist School who is now tasked with the responsibility of distributing the bags to students whom they believe are in need.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-06_at_7.56.46_PMJosue Carballo – Former standard bearer, Orange Walk East

“This is a part of a back to school drive that we initiated through a group of friends called Friends of the East, we went on looking for some donations and we got up to a hundred bags to assist students in the area and what we noticed is that schools starts, some kids come to school and they don’t even have a good bag or sometime they would come as they are, so we decided to also bring some to the schools, we have left some here at Solomon’s and also have plans to leave some at Louisiana within this area so that they can also give out to the most needed particularly those that are back to classes. Here at Solomon’s we have worked with them in the past assisted in being part of the new school building initiative and right here particularly we have people coming from different backgrounds and so we have always worked with them and we will continue to work with them.”

The initiative is of great importance as it encourages children to enhance their level of education says, organizer Jose Carballo.

Josue Carballo – Former standard bearer, Orange Walk East

“It is an initiative that I began about four to five years ago and it is always something that we do because we believe in the value of our kids and we believe that they must be as prepared as they go in back to school and we also work together with the Palmar Lands Committee where we did a really nice Computer Summer Program and we work also with the Chan Pine Ridge Village Council and we also did a summer program there and we have had different activities in different part of the area but it is important to invest in our kids and to let them know that we believing them in continuing their education and as such it is something that it has been happening for some years and a tradition that we want to continue.”

The group will be targeting the Louisiana Government School to hand over a few bags as well.

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