Screen_Shot_2016-09-07_at_8.01.37_PMIn addition to being a super mom to her two kids, as described by her family, 22 year old Jahida Crawford was known locally for being a softball icon. Playing the sport from a very young age, Jahida was the best catcher in Orange Walk- the hardest position to play in softball, according to her aunt and longtime coach.

Jahida Aunt – Softball Organizer

“I have been playing softball for a number of years, I was the pitcher for my team and she was the catcher and we played well together and we played a lot of games and she did excellently and I was really surprised that she turned out to be a really good catcher because that is one of the hardest spots; you can find players for any position except that one, and seeing her lying there last night I said that is such a waste, a young person talented just gone, actually it give me no courage to continue for that tournament because she was by my house this year asking aunty why don’t’ you do a tournament and I told her to give me a break because I am working in Belmopan and I can’t do it from there so I said I’ll try on January because they want to play but even though I told them that I done and I give up I done at forty nine and they said but you still have a bit left, I don’t think so but I think what I can do, now to see that she is gone.”

Crawford will be laid to rest on Saturday, September 10, 2016

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