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On Friday the National Teachers Union will be meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow where they will put fort their official position as it relates to the deferral of the Salary adjustment for teachers proposed by PM following hurricane Earl. According to President of BNTU Orange Walk, Otilio Munoz- the position of the Belize National Teachers Union going into Friday’s meeting is a clear cut one.

munozOtilio Munoz – President of BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“There is a meeting schedule for Friday where the three Unions will be expressing their position; I can tell you that BNTU position is NO to the deferral, the teachers want their salary adjustment which ever month, September is already going once it is the 15th it will be hard on getting it on September but whatever month retroactive April and that is the stand of Belize National Teachers’ Union.”

Following a meeting that was held on Saturday by the BNTU, the council of management has decided to hold a country wide meeting with their members tomorrow, to attain a compromise from teachers to carry out industrial actions against GOB if their demand for an immediate disbursal of their long overdue salary adjustment is not met.


Otilio Munoz – President of BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“This is the time that we want to show to the Prime Minister that we are serious as it pertains to our salary adjustment and the other national issues that are happening in our country, I think that things are really getting out of hand; disrespect to the teachers, disrespect to the churches and everything is collapsing so I think that as educators of this country we have always stood up against any issue, any national issue that are pressing that need to be address so what we are doing is that we are calling the numbers to come out and that they need to compromise, if they want to take industrial action, what they want to do because if they don’t get what they want, we must have a plan and we need to execute it but you need to compromise and you need to have the people there on the ground that will be with you, whatever they tell you they going to do they want to see to get whatever they want and to be heard, to be respected, to get what they want and then you need their support and that is what we are going to be having tomorrow a meeting where we are compromising with the teachers; our members and even other members that want to turn in because at the end of the day whatever we get, the salary adjustment is not for only those putting themselves at the for front, who are fighting for this cause but all the ones who are staying in their offices tomorrow who don’t want to get out there and show I am serious, being out there means I am serious, I want what I deserve and I believe that the national issues that are out there need to be address so I am encouraging all teachers, if you are an administrator don’t be enjoying yourself at school get out because everyone will benefit.”

Munoz is encouraging all teachers to not be daunted by GOB’s intimidating tactics to keep them from standing for their rights and the rights of all Belizeans.

Otilio Munoz – President of BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“Now if they don’t want to go through that way and they want to deduct what will cause you to deduct half session, I rather take that half day session off rather than sacrifice for so many years and nothing will I benefit at the end where I will just be talking and talking and talking and they will say I don’t want to hear you and you are not going to get anything, I prefer to make my stand and I am going to benefit later on and I a calling on those who are the minister of education and even the government call them free riders because they say you people are the ones you fight  for them, you can get rid of them and we are not an organization that operates that way and we will never accept bargains like that from any government because we defend the teachers even the ones who don’t want to come out, the ones who are strong will be fighting for the weak ones and that is what is going to happen tomorrow, no one will give you permission to go against the government but you are the one who have to make a decision, I want to proof to you that it is time that you start to respect the teachers of this country with every opportunity that the Prime Minister has he uses comments like that, the last one was with the Press Releases BNTU sent out that we are the ones educators of children like we are, indirectly he called us stupid people that we don’t understand so these things you cannot tolerate the highest leader of your country not to value the work that we do.”

Here in Orange Walk the meeting will be held at Gala Lounge starting at 1:00 pm.

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