DorianOn Monday we reported that the long awaited results from the urine sample that was taken from the Director of Government Press Office, Dorian Pakeman following the traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway which claimed the life of forty five year old Dean Dawson Sr. back in March indicated that Pakeman was under the influence of cocaine as traces of the drug was discovered in his bloodstream.

After information surrounding the result of the sample was publicly announced by the Belize Police Department, Pakeman made a post on social media in an attempt to defend himself from the allegations made against him, stating that it is completely untrue. But while Pakeman’s case is presently in the hands of the Department of Public Prosecutions to determine whether or not charges will be levied against him, tonight we can tell you that after a meeting was held today between the Prime Minister and Pakeman, it was announced that the PM has placed Pakeman on “immediate unpaid leave” until after the DPP hands down its final decision on whether to bring charges of whatever nature against Mr. Pakeman arising out of all the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident.

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