Screen_Shot_2016-09-08_at_8.20.37_PMOver 5,000 protestors turned out and walked side by side Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno and PUP representatives in a march through the streets of Belize City yesterday. The aim was to send a strong message to the Government that Belizeans have had enough.

After walking through the streets, the throng of supporters gathered at the BTL Park for a two-hour rally. There, the speakers addressed the issues which have become flashpoints for the UDP Government only ten months into their third term.

Honorable Rodwell Ferguson - PUP Deputy Leader

“We want our country back and the time to save Belize is now.”

Honorable Cordel Hyde - National Deputy Leader

“This March today is about saying to the Gov’t that we’ve had enough, that we are fed up, you see for too long we’ve tolerated corruption in this country because that is the way it’s always been, for too long we tolerated this government to treat us like cockroaches because that is what they always do, for too long we’ve accepted when a certain gentleman comes into power with one house and ends up with ten houses at the end of his term, we’ve accepted these things for too long but Belizeans are saying in one voice we’ve had enough.”

Honorable Jose Abelardo Mai - Deputy Leader

“We will have to pay all the bad things that they had done to this country, the have enslaved and converted our hard working Belizeans into beggars y friends, you drive from San Ignacio to Belmopan and at every pedestrian ramp you will see people literally begging for something, Dean Barrow has successfully converted our hard working Belizeans into beggars, he needs to be punish for that my friends.”

Corruption was a recurrent topic. The speeches reminded Belizeans that corruption now seems embedded in the Government.

Senator Valerie Woods – Opposition People’s United Party

“We noh have much oil, we noh have much industry, if you listen to the good, good deputy from the north we not seem that we have much going on in agriculture and farming either but what we got is our nationality, what we have is our passport that supposed to stand up and say I am Belize so when they try to come fool with that and tell us that it done happened in the past, make we move forward, that is great and we should but we need to correct the wrong and those who sold it must go to jail for it.”

Honorable Kareem Musa - Deputy Leader

“Under this Dean Barrow administration criminals like Hong Kim and William Danny Mason they became first class Belizeans by paying millions of dollars to corrupt politicians, they were able to buy new identities, they were able to secure gun licenses, they were able to buy prime pieces of land for little or nothing and yes they were even given license to kill, we might not want to  hear this my brothers and sisters, but William Danny Mason will walk free because he is sleeping in the same bed with these UDP ministers.”

Honorable John Briceno – Opposition Leader People’s United Party

“This is not the country that the PUP want we want to give jobs to our young people, we want to send them to school, we want to plant with the famers in the productive sector, we want betterment for our country, we want betterment for our people in Southside in Belize city, for our Maya brothers and sisters in Toledo, we want betterment for everybody so ladies and gentlemen are you ready, are you ready to stand up, are you ready to stand up for Belize, are you ready to send back the People’s United Party.”

The Opposition says it will continue to dialogue with social partners to discuss pressing issues affecting the nation.

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