So now, with the call for a Senate Inquiry coming from virtually all corners, even from within the UDP, the Barrow Administration is under more pressure to give way to the Senate inquiry.

The Opposition, we understand, is preparing to call for a Senate meeting in which it is expected that they will table a suspension of the Senate rules, in order to re-introduce the motion and allow another round of voting.

For several weeks, the Prime Minister has been adamant that he will only allow a Joint Select Committee made up of five members of the Opposition and Social Partners and six of his Ministers. But on Friday, the PM showed the first sign of stepping back. He told the press that he doesn’t mind the Senate meeting anymore.

DeanRt. Honourable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize

“If it is going to be such a big deal, this argument that it should be Senate Select Committee as opposed to a joint Select Committee, I would ask cabinet to relook at the position doesn’t much matter to me because either way the objective of having the public hearing will be achieved.”

The reversal in position is a tremendous win for the Opposition, the National Trade Union Congress, COLA, third parties and now the Chamber.

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