The Government should file the appeal before the deadline this week. Like any legal procedure, appealing a case is no inexpensive feat. It entails hours of legal preparation and then presentations by attorneys. The Catholic Church has been able to put up legal representation but the other Churches could face challenges with affording lawyers. So, will the Government offer any support? The Prime Minister made it clear that the Churches are, in a sense, on their own.


Screen_Shot_2016-09-12_at_7.57.07_PMRt. Honourable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize

“They were represented in these meetings by two attorneys and they were represented in the court below where they were also an interested party by I believe a couple of attorney, so we imagined that they have no difficulty in finding the legal representation to argue their aspect of the appeal.”

Pastor Lance Lewis, President, National Evangelical Assoc. of Belize

“The church is not rich but it is reaching things apart but we will still need some help with the appealing section 53 but the government has said they will not so we have to look to God to help us.”

The appeal will go before the Court of Appeals.

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