Hundreds of teachers avoided their classrooms today to gather in the City of Belmopan for a demonstration led by the Belize National Teachers Union. While we will show you how that went, first we report on the trading of demands and responses between the BNTU and Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Last week Monday, the Union wrote Prime Minister Barrow listing out demands on his Government. The Prime Minister responded the day after, pointing out that his Government has done enough on the issues raised by the Union. The PM also asked for a meeting and over the weekend, the BNTU Council of Management held a special meeting to discuss their next move. National President Luke Palacio explained.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-19_at_8.30.07_PMLuke Palacio – National President, Belize National Teachers’ Union

“He has responded to a letter that we have sent on the 12th of September, he has responded saying he is prepared to meet with the Council of Management of BNTU, we’ve asked for that meeting to be on Thursday and so once we get that meeting on Thursday if he response positively then we will be able to go back to the media and say to our members and our teachers what are next moves are, for now our teachers will go back to the classroom tomorrow and we are asking our teachers to go in uniform parade but not in their school uniform but in their Teachers got your back T-shirt and then on Thursday and Friday they go back to the classroom, we have agreed as a council and give the Prime Minister the opportunity to meet with us once we have that meeting, the outcome of that meeting will be communicated to our members and we will decide what our next moves will be.”


“Is that going to be a negotiation meeting or a meeting where you will put things on the table and decide well yes or no?”

Luke Palacio – National President, Belize National Teachers’ Union

“We have put the matter to the Prime Minister, we’ve written to him we didn’t asked him verbally but we’ve written to him and he is to respond to us and we will determine whether those answers are satisfactory or not.”

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