"I would like to be known as a good Belizean, one who went through life on a pilgrimage and left the world a better place than I found it." Those words were echoed by the Father of the Nation the Right Honorable George Cadle Price who passed away five years ago on this very same day September 19th.

Deemed as the Father of the Nation George Cadle Price is described as great man, a man who fought for the country’s Independence, a man who believed and lived by the philosophy of the Peoples United Party. Honorable George Cadle Price died on September 19th 2011 at the age of 92, in a medically induced coma at Belize Healthcare Partners Hospital after surgery to remove a blood clot. In order to commemorate the life, work, dedication and service of the late Rt. Hon. George Price, the George Price Centre for Peace and Development declared September 19th as “National Service Day”, a day set for Belizeans to carry out community service projects in order to make a positive change through hard work and service. On this day the leaders of the Peoples United Party as well as supporters visit the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City where George Price now rests to lay wreaths at his grave site and this year was no exception. After the special ceremony the media spoke to the Leader of the Opposition the Honorable John Briceno who spoke about the importance of keeping Price’s legacy alive especially among our younger generation.


Screen_Shot_2016-09-19_at_8.30.32_PMHonorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party

“It pains me when I see or I hear young people not really knowing the work of this great man and we believe that at least on this day the 19th when he departed from world that this is one time that at least we could start to talk about what he is all about which was to serve the people, service to Belize, what he expects from us is for us to live by the mantra of the PUP which is to Serve The People, that as long as we live to that mantra that whatever decision that we do we are there because we are serving the people, we are working for the poor people, for those that don’t have an opportunity, as the formerly speaker rightfully put five things; a plot of land, a house, a job, education and health and once we can keep those in mind that that is what drive us to be in government I think we can live up to the legacy of the father of the nation the Rt. Honorable George Price.”

As is tradition a special mass and candle light vigil is being held in memory of Belize’s first premier on George Price Avenue here in Orange Walk as we speak.

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