Annually, elected officials of Belize are by law required to submit a statement of assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission, satisfying the requirements of the Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act.
Today, on National Service Day, the anniversary of the passing of the party's leader, George Cadle Price, the 12 elected representatives and three senators representing the People's United Party delivered theirs.

Aside from commemorating National Service day, the party felt it important to deliver their report at this time when the Belizean people are concerned about the level of corruption in our country, says leader of the opposition- Hon. John Briceño.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-19_at_8.30.32_PMHonorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party

“We are going to go and handed over to the secretary and he is going to take it until the time a new Commission I appointed and we hope that from there then the process can start.”


“Would you say that the Integrity commission has not been put in place because the current administration does not want to have all maybe wrong doings exposed?”

Honorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party

“I think there are certainly many reasons, the official line from the government is that some members that he wanted to appoint did not to be what they call a politically exposed person but I don’t that is god enough reason I believe that the Prime Minister wasn’t giving it proper attention, I am certain that he would be able to find the people that are prepared to put aside their personal concerns and think about Belize and be able to serve under a very, very important Integrity Commission.”

Screen_Shot_2016-09-19_at_8.31.00_PMCordel Hyde –  Deputy Party Leader

“It’s absolutely important that we do things differently in this country, we’ve been rocked by corruption for the longest time but just because it is always happening it doesn’t make it right we have to do things differently and for us today is signaling that we will do things differently is as elementary as that once you become a public official then you have a right to subject yourself to scrutiny and you have a responsibility to do things above board because corruption is too rampant and it is not too rampant but yet anybody held accountable and so for us today is signaling that we will do things differently it has to be not just stopping the corruption but actually making sure that what is happening now doesn’t ever happen again because corruption debilitates a nation it stifles off millions of dollars that it go to the most needy of persons, it kills the spirit but beyond that the leader in this country are really role models we really set the example for other people in the system and when we are corrupt then it really means that other people see that and think that it is the blueprint to success and they become corrupt too and so we are saying listen that is not the way it supposed to be and we are starting with ourselves we are giving flesh to the word.”

Although the Commission's board of supervisors remains un-appointed resulting from trouble in certain provisions, the PUP felt it important to submit their report as a show of good governance and to demonstrate transparency.


Honorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party

“I can assure you that when we form the next government that whenever the UDP government decides to call the elections we are going to follow that as the Leader of this party and hopefully the Leader of the country at that time, I can assure that every single member must be required to present their reports and if they don’t we are going to take drastic actions with these individuals.”


“Will there be something that you will implement in law to require this of them?”

Honorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party

“It is interesting that you brought this up because on the 29th on the Anniversary of the party we want to make a presentation to the public where we are going to be speaking about good governance and we want to put it into I think it is about twelve points right now for which to start a conversation with the public and with you all in the media, with the NGO community, with the Private Sector, the churches, with the Unions, with everybody what we are referring in that document as a living document that as time goes we are going to be strengthening and adding more to it that by the time we get into government everybody will know, every citizen in this country will have an idea what is going to be the position of the party when it comes to good governance and what are the specific actions that we are going to take once we get into government."


“Those records may never reach the light of day because no Integrity Commission under Mr. Barrow may ever be appointed are you all prepared to publicly release the records that you all will file with the secretary of the Integrity Commission this morning?”

Honorable John Briceno- Leader People’s United Party

“Well, that is something that would warrant some kind of consideration but I think first we have to give the Prime Minister an opportunity because he has said that he is going to work on it and now that he is working arduously with the Chamber to see if they can an accountant that is prepared to serve in that Commission.”

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