potableApproximately one thousand residents from the village of San Victor located in the Corozal District will now benefit from improved access to safe potable water in order to meet their daily demands as the solar water system is currently being upgraded within the village. The Solar Water Project is being carried out by the Social Investment Fund in collaboration with the Government of Belize through a grant issued by the Caribbean Development Bank under the ‘Water and Sanitation System Enhancement Sector of the Basic Needs Trust Fund Programme.

The long list of tasks entails the construction of a new steel-frame elevated thirty thousand gallons water tank with all required piping and accessories; installation of a submersible solar water pump and chlorinator, installation of solar panel array to provide electricity to the pump house and controls, provision of pipes and fittings for the transmission and distribution lines, including two hundred meters for house connections and is being constructed at the highest point in the village which measures fifty seven feet above sea level.

The structures of the newly upgraded water tank is designed to be resistant to natural disasters and is also expected to contribute considerably to a decline in water, food, vector and communicable diseases that can be found within the village of San Victor. The project is expected to be fully completed in the month of December of this year.

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