14528227_10207128668643090_440353262_nJust a few hours after Minister Wilfred Elrington delivered his address at the UN General assembly yesterday, the Permanent representative of Guatemala to the United Nations, Jorge Skinner-Klée Arenales, gave a report defending Guatemala following Elrington’s speech.

Skinner-Klée Arenales, a former Ambassador to Belize chastised the Foreign Minister saying he listened in disbelief as Elrington delivered untrue statements about Guatemala.

The report continues by stating that Guatemala has always sought peaceful means to reclaim what was taken from them by force and deceit and even as they recognize the independence of Belize, they have never renounced their rights just as they have never resorted to violent acts against citizens of a brotherly country.

In his statement, Skinner-Klée Arenales made further assertions. Stating quote “Today we are seeing another kind of violence due to abject conduct that contravenes the friendly links between nations, as prescribed by first article of United Nations Convention also as prescribed by article two; in the last decade there have been victims of defense less Guatemalan farmers; their only mistake is that they find themselves in areas under Belizean administration but they do not threaten peace and security of Belize. Guatemala nonetheless recognize the right of the people of Belize to self-determination but we maintain our legitimate claim to the historic rights we have to part of that territory,” end quote.

In respect of the OAS report on the death of the Guatemalan minor he said that in his view “people who entered into Belize from Guatemala does not mean they were Guatemalans."

It ends by affirming their position stating quote “We regret to have to use this forum for the first time.  Disproportionate use of force is not justified.  We need to paint the true picture on the ground.  Continue to search for a solution to our rights.  We will not back down in order to find a just solution to this historic dispute.  We will never abandon our citizens.  We will soon be agreeing to the Protocol to the Special Agreement which reaffirms our will to submit this old problem to the ICJ in order to avoid further violent acts which will only be harmful.”

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