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Screen_Shot_2016-09-29_at_8.04.49_PMGood Governance has become two of the most discussed words in our nation’s current political dialogue. The idea has been the subject for many debates, passionate speeches at rallies and House meetings, and even the purported rationale for civil disobedience and protests. Everyone agrees it’s an important ingredient in a good democracy, but what is it exactly and does our system of governance allow for adequate Good Governance?

Those questions were put squarely on the forefront by the People’s United Party today when it launched its first template for a Good Governance agenda at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize City.

Senior members of the Party, including Parliamentarians and National Executive members, Party supporters, some members of the diplomatic corps and concerned Belizeans gathered on the Party’s 66th birthday anniversary to witness the launch of the Party’s platform for reform in a very critical area: governance.

Opposition Leader, Hon. John Briceno, introduced the agenda, first giving his analysis of the state of governance under the Barrow Administration and then emphasized the need for unity and collaboration in Belize, pointing out that the UDP Government has breathed division and distrust amongst our people.

Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader People’s United Party

“A nation needs leaders who not only have vision but who possess qualities like decency and respect, Belizean wants leaders who collaborate and possess the capacity to bring together.  Belizeans do not need leaders that foster divisions, we need innovation and competence, we have had enough inaction and incompetence, what Belize needs more than ever is not some tough talking Prime Minister but a leader who can unite people to strengthen institutions, manage our development and build Belize.”

The leader then laid out the foundation for the Party’s latest reform ideas.

Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader People’s United Party

“We believe the time has come to reestablish a credible and effective framework for good governance, it is time for governance that respects the rule of law as it is enshrined in the Belize constitution. The time has come to bring an end to the manipulation at subversion of our Belizean institutions by the greed and gluttony of those whose duty was to uphold their sanctity and integrity.  We need to restore the confidence and credibility of our public officials and the public service and forge a national culture that stands against corruption prevents this now pervasive spurge of pubic authority abuse and eradicates political prosecution.”

Following the Party Leader’s presentation, four young leaders in the Party took turns to present key areas of the agenda. These include the appointment of the 13th Senator, appointing and strengthening the Integrity Commission, punishing illegal or unethical behavior by elected leaders, introducing campaign financing regulations, signing and ratifying the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention, ensuring security of tenure for judges and commencing a review of the country’s Governance style, to name a few.

The ideas are meant to start a discussion with the Belizean public especially stakeholders intimately involved in national development. The Opposition Leader said this is long overdue.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-29_at_8.04.59_PMHonorable John Briceno – Party Leader People’s United Party

“If we are to create a more fair and just society then we must see governance in terms beyond the management of our country’s affairs and consider it as the foundation of our development.  Meaningful and effective governance must result in actions that reflect our values; our governance must be based on a commitment to honesty that goes beyond what we say and its refection be seen to all that we do.  And if this processing includes a reconsideration or our very system of governance then we are prepared to do so with the full involvement of the people, however deep or broad the scope of this exercise in the determination of our governance the result must be effective and fair so our actions benefit Belizeans at every level of society.”

The Party hopes today’s presentation can be the springboard for a national discussion. Party officials will be holding citizen’s meetings and backyard gatherings to improve the document in the months to come.

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