audreyThe Belize Workers Union, The Belize Chamber of Commerce, COLA and even the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association these are just some of the unions and entities that are in support of the Belize National Teachers Union movement for good governance.

But while the teachers are on the move, so is government doing everything in their power to keep schools open. To do this they are relying on the singing of a Statutory Instrument in order to replace teachers that are on strike and there are also reports of intimidation and in some cases pay offs.

Will government’s tactic work? Only time will tell, but what we can tell you is that with every move that Government makes more unions join the teacher’s bandwagon. Over the weekend the Christian Workers Union Members announced that they stand in solidarity with the Belize National Teachers’ Union. In a release issued yesterday President of CWU Audrey Matura-Shepherd is quoted as stating “CWU believes the national issues BNTU are championing are worthy of the support not just of our Members but all Belizeans.” End quote.

From among the eight points BNTU listed in their letter to the Prime Minister, CWU is highlighting four including the signing of the UN Convention Against Corruption; Amendment of the Social Security Act to provide employment injury benefit coverage to and from work; passage and implementation of the Occupational Safety & Health Bill and the appointment of the 13th Senator. On the appointment of the 13th Senator CWU is of the view that the Senate Select Committee as approved at Friday’s Sitting is not the best configuration and state in their release that they will closely monitor how the investigation of the Auditor General’s Special Reports on the Department of Immigration proceeds so that it does not prove a deficient exercise.

CWU also called on members to wear green ribbons throughout the coming work week.

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