Dean-BarrowYesterday the Government of Belize announced their intention to sign onto the United Nations Convention against Corruption on December 9th which is celebrated as International Anti-corruption Day and not immediately as being asked by the BNTU in their list of eight demands.

Today the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry who has pledged its support for teachers, issued a release supporting GOBs decision to sign the UNCAC on International Anti-corruption Day stating that a signature by the Government on that date would be symbolic.

Although the BCCI has pledged their support for BNTU in their demand for good governance they also state that they recognizes that the signing of the UNCAC triggers a time-clock for the effective implementation of a foundation framework that will enable the main sections of the convention being: Preventive Measures; Criminalization and Law Enforcement; International Cooperation; Asset Recovery; and Technical Assistance & Information Exchange which will require the revision of local laws, the establishment of a secretariat among other necessities that would take time.

And it is in that regard that the BCCI chose to support GOBs decision to sign the convention on December 9th since it will allow sufficient time for the working group to complete the road map.

The BCCI also states that in the meantime, other governance reform measures need not wait upon the UNCAC, they use as example, the commencement order for the 13th Senator, the establishment of the Integrity Commission and the restructuring of the Public Accounts Committee.

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