noimageTwo residents from the village of August Pine Ridge are tonight recuperating at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital from chop wounds which they sustained in two separate incidents. First we’ll tell you about Alex Chan who was injured after he was caught in the attempt of robbery.

Thirty three year old Carmin Chan, Belizean labourer and resident of August Pine Ridge Village reported to authorities that he left home on Saturday night along with his family to attend two wakes taking place in the village and upon his return home sometime shortly after midnight, he observed that the lights in his home were switched on and that two boards from one of the windows located to the front of the house were removed.

Chan walked a few steps closer within the yard and that is when he witnessed Alex Chan trying to escape from a window located on the left side of the house. Further reports indicate that Alex was armed with a knife and attempted to inflict stab wounds on Carmin Chan who in self-defense snatched a machete from the ground and swung it at Alex injuring him on the forehead and to the foot.

Alex Chan then reportedly ran away in some bushes located nearby taking along with him BZ$100.00 in cash which he stole from the residence. The accused was transported to the KHMH where he remains in a stable condition.

Alex Chan is of no stranger to the law as he has been charged numerous times by Orange Walk Police in connection with other burglaries. Viewers may recall that on June 30th of this year, Chan was shot by the owner of a grocery store after he was caught stealing from the establishment. Chan is expected to be charged after his release from the hospital.

Another resident from the village of August Pine Ridge is also recovering from his injuries after he was attacked with a machete on Sunday afternoon while attending a funeral within the village. Reports are that sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon forty year old Efrain Solis had a misunderstanding with forty four year old Reginio Chell. After the argument ensued between both men, Chell reportedly pulled out a machete and wielded the weapon at Solis inflicting chop wounds to the forehead, left elbow and to the left side of the rib cage. Solis was later transported to the KHMH where he is presently listed in a stable condition. Chell has been charged with aggravated assault and other charges are expected to be levied against him.

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