555In 2015, following dozens of allegations of wrongdoing in the Ministry of Natural Resources Hon. Gaspar Vega, Orange Walk North Area Representative, was stripped of his Lands Portfolio. Vega, who was once a very powerful Minister in the Barrow Administration, has never properly answered to a litany of allegations of wrongdoing as Minister in charge. These wrongdoings include facilitating land hustling by members of his family, relatives and close UDP cronies. Well, Vega’s Ministry, which the PM once described as a hotbed of corruption seemed to have been on fire. There is more evidence of land grabs by a member of his family and well-known UDP supporters.

Documents have been leaked to the media out of the Ministry which show that attorney and senior UDP Sharon Pitts bought property measuring 2.75 acres for $10,569 in July 2012, but apparently the land was privately owned. To correct the land sale, Government ended up acquiring their own land, but this time the price went up and Pitts hit jackpot when she put a price-tag of $400,000. There also a road reserve portion which she sold to Earl Gabb for $45,000.

But Pitts isn’t the only one named in these most recent document.

On January 14, 2013, Minister Gaspar Vega approved the purchase of 1.057 acres for his right hand man, Hilmar Alamilla for $6,171. Alamilla apparently pulled strings, because the price was eventually drastically reduced to $2,500.

On December 30 of the same year, Alamilla conveyed the land to Andre Vega, son of Gaspar Vega, for the sum of $15,000.

On September 3, 2015, after finding out that the land was privately owned, the Government purchased it back, but you guessed right, it was not for the same price.

The Government paid Vega $400,000 for the land he bought for $15,000.

It’s big time hustling in every official manner possible.

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