noimageIs the Belize Workers Union, the union that represents BSI workers bankrupt? According to the UDP Guardian Newspaper it is. According to the newspaper, at this point in time the BWU has a total of $1,394 in its accounts at the Belize Bank which is three accounts: the General account, the Strike Fund and an Employees Savings Account. The newspaper further states that the union is operating on an overdraft facility of $25,000, $24,281.37 of which has already been spent which only leaves an available $718.63 for the union to operate on.

The Guardian reports that BWU is broke because of the issuance of a number of checks between four members of the executive from April to the month of October. 


While the newspaper mentions the names of the executives and goes into detail when it comes to the dates the checks were issued and the amounts, we won’t go that far since we don’t have the documents to verify the allegations. What we can tell you is that allegations are one of the men received $7,510, the second $3,250, the third $3,060 and the fourth $1,510 monies which are yet to be justified, according to the newspaper.

The report on the newspaper also suggests that while the Savings Account on September 16 shows a balance of $29,806.88, the figures on papers are actually far less.

Today when we contacted the President of the BWU Ramiro Gongora, he told us he is aware of the allegations that come just days after the union expressed solidarity for the teachers strike and termination of an employee.

Gongora told us before he responds to any of our questions he has a responsibility to address his membership and after that face the media.

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