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Who vandalized the vehicle belonging to the President of BNTU Orange Walk Branch Otilio Munoz and what was the motive? That is what Orange Walk Police are trying to figure out after Munoz discovered this morning that the windshield of his Mitsubishi Outlander which was parked on the side of the road in front of his home on George Street had been shattered.

Screen_Shot_2016-10-13_at_8.07.54_PMPresident Otilio Munoz – BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“I realize that when went out to get into my vehicle at seven o’clock in the morning, I realized that I was just burglarized, actually they took and burst the windshield of my vehicle so I had to contact the police and inform them as to what has happen and that is actually what transpired.”


“Were you at home when this happened?

President Otilio Munoz – BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“Yes, well I was at home and according to my neighbor it happened at about three o’clock in the morning and well he thought it was just a big noise so he didn’t think that it was my vehicle that the windshield was broken and everything so this morning when I called him he said that he heard the dogs and he heard a big bang so he didn’t think it was my vehicle.”

The incident has proven to be an act of violence that has left Munoz uneasy and concerned for his safety. And while police are yet to ascertain if the act of vandalism is related to the teachers strike or pure mischief, Munoz says whatever the case maybe, it won’t stop him from demanding good governance.


“Are you so concerned perhaps about your safety considering that something like this has happened?”

President Otilio Munoz – BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“Yes, I am concerned like any Belizean would be concern and I cannot say the reason why this will happen because the strike that BNTU is engaged in, I don’t know if that has to do with it, you know what happened to the Deputy Prime Minister’s vehicle that got burnt and he has surveillance cameras so he was able to get the person who did it but in my case I am a harder working teacher and have a business but I don’t have those cameras available for my home so I would say that I think that you know you have people out there who are really mad on what BNTU is doing and if that is an attack on me as a person and if it take that for me as a leader of the BNTU Orange Walk branch to continue the fight it still gives me the courage because at the end of the day I know that it is not something that I am fighting for myself but I am standing for my country and if it going to take that they are going to damage my vehicle or damage me whatsoever any of my property well that is it but that is sad that something like this could be happening.”


Today Minister of Youth and Sports and Orange Walk East Area Representative Honorable Elodio Argon Junior, was asked to comment on this latest act of vandalism. Here is what he had to say.

Elodio Aragon – Orange Walk East Area Representative

“First of all, I think it is a unfortunate incident, you know I think for his windshield to be broken, for the DPM vehicle to be burnt, these are unfortunate incident and to me these are incidents that should never had happened because we live in a democratic country and people should be able to voice their opinion peacefully, when it comes to the UDP I could tell you categorically that the United Democratic Party in Orange Walk have never met together with members to discuss what is happening to the BNTU teachers in Orange Walk it is because the teachers have a right to voice their opinion it is now that we are seeing after two weeks in term of looking aware our kids out of school those are the things we have to grapple with as a representative because a lot of parent come to me and say Mr. Aragon what is the situation when will our kids go back to school and those are the issues I have and very concern with and I have always been in support of the teachers because I think they have a right to voice their opinion but now we are reaching to a point that if we go to a third week this will adversely affect our children who would to be getting their education and that is where I will have a concern with and I think a lot of people form Orange Walk has a concern with.”

Screen_Shot_2016-10-13_at_8.07.44_PMOf note is that early yesterday morning the Deputy Prime Minister’s Government issued vehicle was set ablaze at his residence in Ladyville. The entire incident was caught on surveillance camera and tonight Belize City Police are looking for the culprit who doused the fifty five thousand dollar silver colored Mazda CX5 with gasoline and then set it on fire.

While authorities have been unable to determine the motive behind the act there are those who believe, including GOB, it is related to the teachers strike. As you might already know this is the second vehicle belonging to the DPM that has been destroyed. In August his vehicle was reportedly stolen and plunged into the Caribbean Sea.

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