As we mentioned earlier, the meeting included the PSU and APSSM. Those two Unions at odds with the BNTU. The PSU and APSSM have taken positions that are opposed by the BNTU. First the PSU and APSSM are for a salary deferral while the BNTU isn’t. The BNTU is engaging in industrial action but the PSU and the APSSM say they don’t see the need for it. Despite calls for support in the strike, the PSU and APSSM have stood on the side-lines so are they abandoning their fellow Union brothers and sisters?

SharonSharon Fraser - President, APSSM

“We have been showing solidarity if you notice, the fact that we are not out there is being responsible, behaving responsible, as I said we don’t have an industrial dispute and strike is the last resort and in addition to that we are still negotiating in fact today is a reflection of the fact that we are still negotiating so that we were for the deferral if it is that we were not maybe it would have given us the drive to go towards industrial actions but we ae not there so people need to understand and respect the position that APSSM and PSU have taken we’ve always supportive, we’ve come here supportive and want to let the public know that for one year we have been supporting the very own proposal 22 it is not our proposal but we have been fighting for it, maybe it is they don’t know this but this is the opportunity I want to let them know that that is the only proposal for over a year that myself, my brother President have been fighting along BNTU for so we have been supportive, we continue to support we want all the good governance issue, I can tell you for a fact, that it have been on the NTUBC table for the longest while and so that we’ve been a part of that process it is just that maybe at some point somebody drop the ball and BNTU pick it up.”

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