noimageThe Belize Coast Guard believes that one of three fisherman from the Village of Sarteneja in the Corozal District, who were fishing near Colson Caye, when they were held up and robbed at gunpoint, and beaten by armed pirates is tonight reported as “missing at sea” and believed to be dead. On the evening of Wednesday October 5th, the men were fishing in the Colson Caye area, near Tobacco Caye, about 18 miles east of Dangriga, Stann Creek District when they were attacked by pirates who stole all their marine products and personal belongings and were then tortured and forced to jump overboard into the sea before their boat was stolen.

Reports are while the three fishermen jumped into the sea, one did not resurface. The two men who are said to have survived the ordeal swam to a nearby island and were assisted by other fishermen who called the Coast Guard. While we are aware of the missing fisherman’s identity it will not be reveled in order to protect his family.

The precaution comes after the revelation that a group of pirates who target fishermen to rob or kill them, have reportedly sent threatening messages to the Belize Coast Guard. The pirates, according to reports coming out of the Amandala Newspaper have sent messages to the Coast Guard that they will be confronted and killed at sea   in a shootout.

The Amandala newspaper quotes Admiral Johnny Borland, Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, stating that the “Coast Guard have formed a task force along with the Fisheries Department to hunt down the pirates to bring them to justice and that the public should be reassured that the Coast Guard will be out on the seas conducting anti-crime patrols to ensure the long-term safety of those who travel or fish in those waters.

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