GapiAs we told you at the top of the news cast, today former Deputy Prime Minister Gasper Vega, tendered his resignation from the Ministry of Agriculture. While Prime Minister Dean Barrow was not happy with the news, late this evening the People’s United Party issued a release welcoming the decision taken by Minster Vega, but expressed that his resignation is simply not enough.

According to the PUP this was expected after revelations of the corruption in the Ministry of Natural Resources, which resulted in the fraudulent enrichment of Vega’s oldest son. In their release the PUP also highlight other infractions committed in the Lands Department while at the hands of Minster Vega and calls for an immediate criminal investigation into the outrageous corruption at the Ministry of Natural Resources. The PUP also adds that PM Barrow seems determined to sweep the corruption under the rug like it is something frivolous and insignificant.

According to the PUP, the PM seems to believe that by Vega deciding to resign from the Cabinet it is a done deal and Belizeans should forgive and forget the raping of our systems to misappropriate our taxpayer dollars exactly the same was done with Elvin Penner.

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