Screen_Shot_2016-10-18_at_8.03.13_PMThe family of high-ranking attorney Michael Clarence Edward Young is tonight in bereavement after the news broke earlier this afternoon that Young had taken away his own life while at his residence located in the Bella Vista Area in Belize City. Reports indicate that Young’s body was discovered in his bathroom with his licensed fire arm lying beside him. Reliable sources informed the media that Young had been acting in an unusual manner over the past few days.

During an interview with the media taken at the time during the processing of the scene, Superintendent of Police, Linden Flowers stated that though details surrounding Young’s untimely death are still sketchy, police are currently looking into the matter in an effort to investigate what really transpired today.

Linden Flowers – Superintendent of Police

“Behind me we are processing the scene of Mr. Michael Young, Senior counsel, where Mr. Young was injured as a result of an incident at that residence.”


“Can you confirm that he is fatally injured?”

Linden Flowers – Superintendent of Police

“My information so far that he is seriously injured.”


“Is this a self-inflicted wound, was he the victim of an intrusion can you share with us?”

Screen_Shot_2016-10-18_at_7.59.26_PMLinden Flowers – Superintendent of Police

“I have set in place a cordon to look into all of those I cannot confirm at this time whether it is an intruder or if it is a self-inflicted or if it is someone inside of the house, our detective will give me those information which I will pass on to the media.”

Young had been employed as an attorney at Youngs Law Firm for approximately a decade. He also served on the Central Executive of the United Democratic Party and also served as the party’s legal counsel.

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