Screen_Shot_2016-10-20_at_8.07.53_PMIt seems that despite the pleas made by the BNTU the Ministry of Education is intent on moving forward with the plans to dock the salaries of those teachers who participated in the BNTU’s strike. This evening a second memorandum was sent out by the ministry highlighting the method being used to withhold contributions towards salaries of teachers on strike. The document states that the deduction will be from October 3rd to the 18th including Saturday and Sunday, and notes that the entire deduction will be made in one payment.

In the memo, the Ministry sets out the formula for the deduction to teachers' salaries using as an example: A teacher whose Salary is two thousand four hundred and eighty one dollars, was absent during the period October 3-14, 2016(including Saturday and Sunday, excluding 10 October which was a holiday) will be deducted in the following way: 2481/31days in the month = $80.03 x 11days= $880.35 which is the total amount to be deducted.

The deadline previously given by the Ministry for all names to be submitted of teachers who participated was set to have been yesterday, that though, has been extended to 4:30 pm. tomorrow.

Today we contacted president of BNTU Orange Walk who informed us that the BNTU is still awaiting legal advice before they are able to approach the different school Managers to negotiate the salary situation.

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