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saldivarOn October 18, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that he was placing Minister of Defense on “one week’s leave of absence” following the revelation of company documents that showed that accused murderer Danny Mason had been a shareholder in the Bandits football club. The PM indicated in the release that he would seek “legal opinion” on the issue and decide the faith of the Minister. Well, if anyone had any inkling that Saldivar would be removed from the Cabinet, you were wrong. Another release from the Government today indicated that Saldivar resumed Ministerial duties today.

The release said that the legal opinion received by the Prime Minister [quote] “rejects as invalid any conclusion that the Minister, in consequence of the continued existence after September 2015 of a company in which both the Minister and Mr. Mason had subscribed to shares, continued in a business relationship with Mr. Mason” [unquote.

So on what basis did the legal expert who advised the Prime Minister on this issue found that there was not business relationship? The release states further that while the documents show that Mason was a shareholder, it was in a company that [quote] “apparently never did anything after it was incorporated” [unquote] The legal opinion is also that common ownership of shares in a moribund company does not put shareholders in a business relationship with each other.

In light of this, said the release, the Prime Minister was pleased to clear Hon. Saldivar and direct full resumption of his Ministerial authority and portfolio duties.

The media caught Hon. Godwin Hulse following today’s Cabinet meeting and asked him about the Prime Minister’s decision. He said he believes Hon. John Saldivar.

Honorable Godwin Hulse – Minister of Natural Resources

“Well, as I understand it and the Prime Minister has shared with us and the opinion is that with respect to the company that shares is an issue really a not functioning company, they were subscribers but they were not issued so I cannot say that the man had a business relationship because the company was just paper no shares are issued and as a consequence there could be no relationship that is my general understanding,  I’ll say no more on the matter because it is a very legal thing but that is my understanding.”


“Sir,  but having document which says that shares even in a defunct company shouldn’t that have been something, anybody would have wanted to disclose, say I am giving you everything there is nothing to hide?”

Honorable Godwin Hulse – Minister of Natural Resources

“But the man says it was from September and from that time he said I had no further business relationship or no business relationship and if that is what the opinion says it is not a business relationship I have to accept that.”


“Are you able to tell us if the topic of the seismic testing consultation came up and give us a basic of what you can?”


GodwinHonorable Godwin Hulse – Minister of Natural Resources

“Cabinet said long ago from last term that in fact there is going to be a moratorium and all of this and there is a moratorium on it and that in fact as I understand it the NGO community especially Oceana was going to submit to the government some conditions to lifting the moratorium, it is a policy is  not a law but government had agreed that in fact they would do two things (1) they would banned any sort of exploration in world heritage sites and also within a kilometer of either side of the reef and some coordinate to that needs to be determined because it is not linear, the reef is not linear, but in other sites of course the protected areas you need EIA but government has undertaken that there is going to be a moratorium and that is exactly what it means, one of the conditions that I have seen is that for lifting of any moratorium is that you would bring in some expert who would look at the economic cost benefit of lifting it if you want but I ask my own question from my own technical and engineering point of view how on earth are you going to know what the benefit would be if you don’t do a study in the first place to find out what is there and my understanding of the seismic was just that it is not going to, the expert had said it is was not going to destroy anything, it was just to map out there and is a part of the mapping that is coming all the way from Mexico as I understand it to say what is there, sometimes in this country you want to be frank and I don’t want to make anybody to feel bad we have to in this country we have to make decision on the basis of good evidence and good facts man, this emotional drive that we have to everything huff and puff, huff and puff is not good because it destroys potential possibilities if you do not know what is there then how could you ever make a proper decision, it not drilling anything, nobody was contracted to drill saw a ship out there doing some studies and as far as I am concern proper information should have gone out there before everybody is jumping up and down huffing and puffing.”


“The original decision by Cabinet was he was misinformed?”

Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and

Sustainable Development, Immigration

“No I don’t think so at all, Cabinet said it was going to be a moratorium with respect to the seismic I do think he was misinformed at all I think he was sell informed but circumstances are circumstance.”

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