While the executive of the Belize Workers Union will hold their Annual General Meeting on November 18th, Carlos is not waiting that long to address the union members. Her intent is to call a meeting with members this coming Friday. Carlos has also contacted the Labor Commissioner who is aware of the allegations made against some of the executive of the BWU, to be in that meeting.

Screen_Shot_2016-10-25_at_8.20.26_PMSamantha Carlos- Former Employee BWU

“Their position is very clear and simple, that we need to work it out or they will move in and if they move in it is not going to be anything polite or nice they are going to move in and well they are going to shut it down and we are trying to save the Union so we give the membership an opportunity to understand what is happening so that they can make a sound decision for themselves before they step any further, they are trying to give the membership a chance to understand because we are understanding that the membership is being kept in the dark and is being told a lot of lies without any factual prove behind and we are sending a petition to the factory for the workers and members to sign we only need a small majority because apparently they have mention to the Commissioner that the crowd wants them to stay but this is not what is really being reflected there so thee members are now going to sign the petition so that we could request for the Commissioner presence on Friday, we are trying to have the meeting on Friday.”

But does Carlos have the power to call a meeting in sight that she no longer work for the union? According to her she does because she remains a member of the union. But according to Chairman of the BWU Ramiro Gongora, Carlos is no longer a member of the BWU, in fact she never was a member.

Samantha Carlos- Former Employee BWU

“At the very beginning of the Constitution it says that the Belize Worker’s Union is for all workers of Belize is not from the Belize Sugar Factory, once you are a Belizean you are entitled to join the Union and I have a copy of the Constitution which I will forward to you in a while for you to view it for yourself and if I am not a member well actually I send you a photo of my receipt which I pay every three week because I don’t want to default and it says that I have six month is default before I can be removed  which mean if I don’t pay for six months they still have to hold me but I am not that type of person so I am still a member.”

Carlos plans to hold her meeting at the BWU’s compound.

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