Screen_Shot_2016-10-31_at_8.19.42_PMIn February 2015, the personal and political life of former PUP area representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez fell into turmoil when very serious criminal allegations were made against him which led to the Police filing criminal charges against him. In August 2015 the accusations against Dr. Mendez intensified when he was charged with three counts of carnal knowledge.


His attorneys Andrew Bennett and Dickie Bradley have defended the former politician vigorously in Court, and today there was huge relief for the well-known doctor when in Court the charges were withdrawn and the Police informed the Court that they will not be proceeding with the case. This brings an end to the highly sensational matter, and while Dr. Mendez can feel relief, it will surely take some time before he can fully restore his reputation. Mendez has agreed to speak to us tomorrow.

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