While the BNTU’s rally on Saturday lacked the backing of other Unions, it had the support of the Opposition People’s United Party. National Deputy Leader Hon. Cordel Hyde walked with the teachers in the march and we saw no less than six senior members of the Party at the rally. So why has the Opposition found it important to be on the teacher’s side? We asked Hon. Hyde to respond.

Screen_Shot_2016-10-31_at_8.17.56_PMHonorable Cordel Hyde – National Deputy Leader

“Our teachers have led the way, they’ve made huge sacrifice and they stood up for principle, stood up for their 3%, they’ve risk condemnation, they’ve risk cutting off their pay and they stood up and so we have to stand up with them and also I think that a message has to be sent to the government and get serious this is stupid what is happening we shouldn’t be at this point am really at a loss for words because at the end of the day the government have so many other problems to deal with; so much corruption, other issues tormenting the education system and the government and the country on a whole that they should be focusing on you would think that they would get pass these issues with the teachers and just focus on the bigger issues because at the end of the day if you say the kids are important to you, if you say it is all about our children and that important to make up the last time the truth is that you have to pay the teachers so you decide when you want to pay them you can pay them now during the normal course when you are paying this month or you can pay them when they make up the time either way you have to pay them it just seems to me that this academic you have to pay them and pay them and move on but it seems like we are in prison to the ego and the vindictiveness and the pettiness that characterizes some of our leaders and that is so sad and pathetic you know.”

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