While Hon. Hyde had harsh words for the Education Minister, he wasn’t done yet. Hon. Hyde has served as a Minister of Education, so when we asked him whether he would have handled the matter differently than the current Minister, he said slavery days have been long over.

Screen_Shot_2016-10-31_at_8.17.56_PMHonorable Cordel Hyde – National Deputy Leader

“Absolutely and to be honest with you I am surprised that the minister has taken this approach to things I would think that he would be on the side of his constituents I would think he would be lobbying and fighting for and on behalf of the teachers and even if he has to stand up and go against his government that is what he should do as oppose of taking the position of his government as of though they are large over everybody and main slavery days are over long time and real talk we are not on any plantation but if we would be in a plantation we would understand when the slave escapes and when they try do what the master says they are not supposed to do they get lashing and some of them get killedif would be a Walmart or any other shop in some other part of a remote part of the world you could understand that if you strike or try dream about strike you get penalized but this is Independent Belize, 2016 Independent Belize this country built on the back of workers, this country built on Unionism and Union worker I mean come on we shouldn’t be penalizing people for what is right what kind of message are we sending to our kids at the end of the day we want our kids to stand up we don’t want our kids to be afraid to speak through to power we want our kids to be capable of standing up and speaking through and thinking creatively and addressing problems and being activist and agitating for what they want and you cannot be afraid to ask for what you need , you cannot be afraid to fight for what you want and to fight for what you deserve this is your right this is an independent Belize so come-on.”

For historical purposes, in 2005 when the teachers went on strike under a PUP administration, there were no threats of salary cuts.

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