In yesterday’s newscast, we aired interviews with House Speaker Michael Peyrefitte on the legal matters for which he appeared in Court. Peyrefitte also addressed the strange goings on his Facebook page which literally forced him to call it quits on social network.

A week ago, a controversial post appeared on Peyrefitte’s page which enraged the LGBT advocacy group, UNIBAM. The post was accompanied by a link to the youtube video of the controversial Buju Banton song “Boom Bye Bye”.

UNIBAM spokesman, Caleb Orozco, did not miss the post and fired away his own comments at the House Speaker on his Facebook page, accusing him of hate speech. According Peyrefitte, the post was not done by him and he claims that his account was hacked.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-01_at_7.53.17_PMMichael Peyrefitte on suit on facebook hacking

“I was hacked for the 3rd time during that incident, I know several people who has always been hacked so I am not ashamed nor do I back down from whatever I say whenever I say but when I don’t say something I don’t say something and so I never even indicated of try to publicly indicate on my I just say I was coming off and people would ask me why I coming off and I say I was hacked, I had said to myself that I would remove myself from Facebook the very next time I was hacked it just turns out that that is what happened so the fact that it affected Unibam and the homosexual community is neither here nor there, there is no special place in my mind for them when I decided to remove myself from Facebook.”

Caleb Orozco confirmed via Facebook that Peyrefitte had called him to inform him of the situation.

In his post, Orozco sent a warning. He said [quote] “where any politician crosses…expresses crap like this, the LGBT community stands ready to put you in your place. If we can’t get protection, we certainly come after you” [unquote].

As the House Speaker indicated, he has closed his Facebook account in protest of the alleged hacking.

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