At a meeting held on October 21st, the Corozal Town Council informed taxi drivers that they would have to pay a new trade license fee in order to operate in town. The rule would even apply to taxi drivers from the rural areas who come to town to operate. Following the meeting we tried to confirm the news with Mayor Hilberto Campos, but he did not make that possible. Today, we finally got an interview with the Traffic Manager, Richard Quan, who confirmed the introduction of the new fee.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-02_at_7.34.14_PMRichard Quan - Traffic Manager, Corozal Town Council

“The trade license is actually the taxis in the town, the coop or the Union they will be paying one hundred dollars per year to do their service in town and the freelancers outside they will be paying one hundred and fifty dollars to do their service in town.”


“I know you can’t answer for the revenue section, but you are in charge of the transport of the Town Council, how do you see or what type of reaction you see the taxi drivers have had here in Corozal?”

Richard Quan - Traffic Manager, Corozal Town Council

“Well, believe so far all are coming in and they are paying but we are giving them, the Trade License Board is giving them until the fifteenth of December to come in and pay their license so right now we have about ten to twenty taxi drivers that came in to pay and the others are saying to give them until the 15th in which they will be able to get that certificate to do business in town.”

Our polling of the reaction to the new tax has revealed a mixed response. There are those, in particular the taxis from the rural areas, who say they will refuse to pay; while some say that they can afford the new fee and don’t mind paying it.

There are also concerns about the charging of trade license for taxi operates. Trade license fees are usually for businesses with premises. In fact the trade license fee is arrived at by calculating the size of the premises and rental value of one’s business. We’re not sure how the Council derived the amount taxis should pay, but we’re hoping to hear from the Council’s Trade License Manager soon.

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