Earlier we told you about the Corozal Town Council’s imposition of a new trade license fee for taxi drivers. The Council also held a meeting today but it wasn’t to discuss that fee – that’s a done deal. Today’s gathering was for the taxi operators to bring up concerns to the Council’s attention. Traffic Manager Richard Quan told us more about the meeting and how the Council plans to address the issues raised.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-02_at_7.34.14_PMRichard Quan, Traffic Manager, Corozal Town Council

“Well the Unions and taxis are very courteous and everybody conducted themselves nicely and the concern was let us work together the taxi drivers and Unions work together because when you stop in one taxi area you are messing up all the other taxi brothers so what we are trying to do is that every month to have a meeting with them to keep the communication with them and we go a longer way and we are asking each one of them to all the freelancer to either join a cooperative or Union so that we can be more organize and more control of the freelancers or control of them it is not mandatory to join but it will control them and they will have more respect and to abide by the rules and the regulations when they are in Unions.”

Richard Quan, Traffic Manager, Corozal Town Council

“The main transport issue is that the taxi drivers and the commuters they like to tell the taxi driver to stop abruptly and most of the time they obstruct the free flow of traffic and that is one of the concern that we brought to them today that they need to address it with their customer because at the end of the day the customers only pay them two or five dollars and the fine is for fifty dollars so they ned to educate their customers and so that was one of the biggest concern we are talking about.”

Today’s meeting also included the participation of the Police and Immigration authorities. Some 30 taxi representatives from both the Town and rural areas attended.

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