On Saturday November 5th, elections were held for the Belize Youth Movement National Executive members at the Party Headquarters in Belize City. The Belize Youth Movement is the youth arm of the People’s United Party. The elections saw two candidates contest the President and Vice President posts. The successful candidates were Ivan Valencia, who is also the Chairman of the Corozal North constituency, who vied for President; and Marissa Cervantes, a youth activist who is also the daughter of Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Ramon Monchi Cervantes. The convention was high-spirited and very lively.

Valencia, who is no new comer to politics, shared with us today that as the new BYM leader, he will focus on ensuring that the youth arm reaches out to as many youth.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-07_at_8.18.35_PMIvan Emmanuel Valencia, BYM National President

“We have to have the Youths engaged yes but we have to have them constantly being informed so I acknowledge that not all constituencies and not all districts  have active youth groups and so forth, yes the Belize Youth Movement is PUP based but more than that we are for change, we are for advocating for youth participation in the different levels, you have for example when village councils come up when municipal elections come up and even general elections you would seldom find any youth participating or even a member in one of those slates and if you look at the real issues then you will see that after everything is over we are the ones that are being affected, directly affected by all the decisions being made.”

Ivan Emmanuel Valencia, BYM National President

“I believe that we supposed to have a constantly engagement and how can we do this and how can we achieve this, I mean the BY is not only about politics yes it is one of the backbone and an arm of the party but we are also responsible over social, educational, cultural and sporting activities and programs and I know that we have a lot of talented youths, we have a lot of educated youths, we have a lot of youths that love sports and I mean it just takes a spark to light this up and you will see a good combustion.”

While Saturday saw the election of the BYM National Executive there were also appointments of district representatives. Valencia the full names of his new team.

Ivan Emmanuel Valencia, BYM National President

“In the South we have Ms. Oneida Hernandez; she is now the District Rep. for Toledo, we have Mr. Bevinton Cal, he is the Chief of Staff and that is an executive position and in Stann Creek we have Ms. Shanice Tillette as Assistant Secretary, we have also from the Dangriga area Ms. Vanessa Jones, she is now the district Rep. for Stann Creek.  In Belize we have Ms. Sharissa Perez and she is the District Rep. for the Belize Urban area, we have Ms. Natasha Pipersburg and she is our treasurer, we have Ms. Vicky Balam and she is from Belize Rural South and she is the Rep. for our Belize Rural Area, in Cayo Ms. Tamara Toraya  as Secretary, Ms. Melissa Guerra as District Rep. for Cayo I area and we have from Cayo south Mr. Gerbis Banner and he is the District Rep. for the Cayo II area, in Orange Walk we have Mr. Josua Carrillo and he is the District Rep. for the Orange Walk District and of course Ms. Marissa Cervantes now the Vice-President executive for the BYM, Ms. Sylvia Patty Arana as District Rep. for Corozal  and myself of course President of the BYM.”

Persons interested in joining the BYM can contact any of the national executive members of district reps for more information.

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